What are "Wings"?
Well, to put it simply, the term Wing is short for your content profile.
Think of TikTok, or OnlyFans, or Youtube, who ever says "Subscribe to my TikTok account"? (Snapchat is a perfect example, "Snap me" no one says "Snapchat me")
They always have a short name to call themselves to get a catchy name going.

Unverified = "Unverified Wing" or "UWing(s)"
UWing isn't an official term, they are only for subscribers who cannot post, however we may use this in emails just to clarify your status.

Verified = "Wing(s)"
This is the main term we will say on the platform, Its catchy and it immediately says "This is an official creator"

Free = "FWing(s)"
Paid = "PWing(s)"

These 2 terms are for internal purposes, mostly used in DMs or communication between Administration.

So if you are verified to post, you will either be an FWing or a PWing internally however you can just say you are a "Wing" to outsiders.

We hope this explains what we do here! <3