About us

Well, to put it simply, The Nightwing is a content creators dream come true.
The essential core of The Nightwing is "Nothing Is Free".
You must pay for the things you want, we do not harvest your data for money, or put google ads on our site for revenue. We only use Google Ads to gain more members <3
If a creator makes free content on the site, please don't be mean to them! They are not charging for their content, which means The Nightwing gets no monetary compensation from them.
This does not mean we treat our Free creators (FWing(s)) any different, but this is to show that we are providing a genuine service that does not take advantage of its creators nor its viewers and includes everyone!

Read https://thenightwing.com/p/terminology to learn about our website terminology (Names)!

As a company we only take a 10% cut from our PWings to fund website development and extra profits.

We do take an extra fee (Around 5%) for adding money to wallets, but please understand that is only because it takes a lot to deal with financial transactions, this will be removed soon!

This website was made just to help those smaller creators who don't have the money and support system. If you need anything, contact us using our business contacts. You can also subscribe to our official account and send us a DM if you need help personally.

For transparency and those who may be curious, this platform was NOT custom built for The Nightwing, it is a generalized script so things may be a bit broke. However for those who worry about utilizing someone elses technology, we are custom coding some of our own stuff to the website and hopefully soon we will have an easier way of getting money through the website. Our end goal is to make the entire platform custom so we can have our own development team giving you new features every week.

This is a PayPal QR Code for any donations to help support The Nightwing in basic necessities.
If you send an email to [email protected] with a verified PayPal receipt, we will make a post on the official The Nightwing account
for your generous offering! (If you select the Monthly donation option, we will still make monthly posts dedicated to your donation as we are dedicated to our supporters!)